List update

I actually watch movies faster if I give more updates…so this is almost completely for accountability purposes, but I have watched at least a couple of movies that are new favorites.

I thought Annie Hall (1977) was terrific. Several of the lines that either Annie or Alvy say are just hilarious. It has some similarities to (500) Days of Summer, though it obviously came first. Annie is the ultimate hipster…because she was a hipster before it was cool to be a hipster. One of her biggest hipster qualities is taking photographs at the most inopportune times. Annie, there is a lobster on the floor, now is not the time for a photo. One of my favorite scenes involved Alvy and Annie talking at her apartment after they just met. Instead of letting the audience fill in subtext they just put it on the screen. As an overthinker I do this all the time. You are having a conversation, usually with the object of your affection, but in the back of your mind a voice is saying “did you really just say that to him?, good luck on the recovery.”

If you haven’t seen Annie Hall I highly recommend it, currently I would say it is just behind The Departed as my favorite from my list. I think list number 2 will have quite a bit of Woody Allen on it. Allen turned 77 on Saturday, I hope you celebrated in an

Goodfellas (1990) did not disappoint. I hadn’t seen enough Scorsese to realize how amazing he was at using music in films. The use of “Layla” by Clapton particularly stood out. I would share the scene here but it would give to much away. Next time you watch a Scorsese flick just note his awesome music decisions.

Scarface (1983) honestly didn’t impress me that much. I felt it was a little long. At the beginning I was completely invested and it was pretty intense, but over time I just really wanted him to get things over with rather than spending too much time chatting before shooting everyone in a room. I was definitely more impressed with Reservoir Dogs (1992), partially because it was Tarantino’s first feature and it was short and to the point.  I didn’t feel like a moment was wasted. It was one of those movies where you aren’t aware of how much time is going by because it hits the ground running and moves right along. Tarantino’s Django Unchained is the movie I am most excited about this December. (Note: No I am not forgetting Les Miserables…I am just not looking forward to it)

source: wikipedia

source: wikipedia

Currently I am finishing up Platoon (1986). I have to say I prefer the elder Sheen’s Apocalypse Now. On a completely random note, The Dark Knight Rises comes out on Tuesday. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that.

Only 15 left! List number 2 will be here before I know it.

2001: A Space Odyssey
Full Metal Jacket
Night of the Living Dead
The Birds
The Machinist
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Usual Suspects
North by Northwest
Requiem for a Dream
Gone With The Wind
Blade Runner
City of God
Empire of the Sun



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