Vampire Night: Nosferatu and Let the Right One In

In honor of my favorite holiday and my list of movies I watched Nosferatu (1922) and Let the Right One In (2008).

Nosferatu is a silent film that is an unauthorized version of Bram Stokers novel “Dracula”. Having read the novel and seen part of the Bela Lugosi version I can still say it was pretty fascinating to watch. The things they managed to do almost 100 years ago with film are amazing. I also learned a fun fact: This is was the first time that sunlight was used as a way to kill Vampires. It weakened them in earlier versions of the tale, but the director was trying to distance himself from Stoker’s novel and added it to the ending. (Spoiler alert…I guess…oops).


Let the Right One In is a 2008 Swedish adaptation of a novel by the same name. It is a story of a young boy who meets a Vampire named Eli. I have to say it is probably the only “horror movie” to ever get an audible “aww” from me. The affection that Oskar shows to Eli is completely innocent and adorable, and I don’t throw that word around a lot. The movie definitely doesn’t shy away from bloodshed and I loved the use of the color red in the clothes, scenery, and sets. I have not seen the American version, Let Me In, but I might check it out just for the sake of comparison. If you can handle the blood definitely check it out.
I am hoping to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Birds, The Machinist, and Night of the Living Dead before October ends…a lofty goal, but we shall see.


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