The List, Movie 1: Clerks

Clerks (1994) was everything I expected it to be based on what I had been told about it. It was funny, crass, and a bit over the top. I understand that working as a clerk usually involves some over the top situations. I worked at one of those calendar kiosks in high school during Christmas break and I could tell you some ridiculous stories, but none quiet as crazy as what happened to Dante (and he “wasn’t even supposed to be there” that day).

That being said I recognize that this film inspired many more versions of the same story. Today we make films and television shows about 20 somethings who seem to trip and stumble through everything just like Dante. They seem to always have a Randal who walks smoothly behind them unaffected. The Dante character always has a freak out moment and complains that his or her life is over while Randal acts as if he or she saw what was coming from a mile.

I hate to say a lot of negative things about a film, any film, but I really just feel like stories like this become so caught up with being outlandish that nothing even seems outlandish once you are an hour in. Maybe I have just seen too many current gross out comedies to appreciate it.

Although I swear I went to college with about 20 Randals.

Next Up: Raging Bull and Double Indemnity sometime this weekend.


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