Feel Good Film

Maybe it’s the beautiful landscapes, or the pretty score, but 2005’s Pride & Prejudice is my quintessential feel good movie. I love the novel, and I know some people were disappointed in this adaptation, but it gets me every time. Matthew Macfadyen was a great Mr. Darcy, and manages to be likable despite frowning most of the movie. Keira Knightley, the period piece princess, portrays Elizabeth Bennet with ease and grace. I feel like her independence and wit are apparent from the very beginning. Of course the book is better, it always is, but in this case I feel like they managed to capture the essence of an entire cast of characters and condense a love story into 2 and a half hours without losing the unspoken thoughts and feelings expressed in the novel. A lot of things that could be cliche somehow work as well. The whole “everyone else in the room disappears” trick actually worked for me during the ballroom scene.

Also, this scene is just ridiculously pretty:

Happy movie watching!


3 Comments on “Feel Good Film”

  1. AgentD32 says:

    The miniseries is rather good, it is old, but good. IMDB it. It is worth a view and covers far more of the book (miniseries, so duh).

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