Everybody’s a Critic

When I started a movie blog originally I planned on just writing reviews. I found myself getting excited at the prospect of tearing horrible movies apart bit by bit and and exposing their horrible-ness to the world. Then I realized how sad that was. Why would I put so much time and energy into negativity? If being a movie critic was my full time job maybe that would be okay, but it isn’t. So here is a promise to anyone who is reading this blog: I promise to keep things positive. I promise to write commentaries and reviews that give films the benefit of the doubt. I also promise to admit when I like movies that others have ripped apart. Basically I promise to not become just another curmudgeon out to find the worst in film and spread it all over the internet.

Starting right now in fact, last night I re-watched, yeah as in I willfully re-watched, What’s Your Number? (2011). A movie that critics and audiences didn’t like. I like it. The message: Be yourself, and find someone who you feel like yourself around. I find Chris Evans hilarious, so maybe that is part of it, but Anna Faris is pretty funny too. The main characters are both promiscuous, unemployed, late 20-somethings who, in true romantic comedy fashion, find themselves in ridiculous situations. I mean they play horse in the Garden, like that would ever happen. As I was saying though, I liked the movie, and if that makes other movie lovers take me less seriously, then so be it!


One Comment on “Everybody’s a Critic”

  1. AgentD32 says:

    I would be a horrible critic, because I believe that film is like clothing and clothing is like soul. Not expensive nor given social value, but just how we define our self through our accessories is an intimate practice. Critics do not know our intimate self and therefore speak only for themselves and get paid for it. I like assigning movies to the correct audience that would yield the greatest result for them not me. I like your commentary, it is refreshing.

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