So The Avengers (2012) is killing it at the box office. Killing it so much that I think James Cameron might have some competition for highest grossing films of all time (personally I would love to see that happen). I grew up loving superheroes. I was more of a DC Comics girl at a young age; I was Batman for Halloween, and wanted to wear my Superman PJs as much as possible. As I got older I discovered how awesome Spider-man and the rest of the gang over at Marvel were, and eventually Hollywood started making awesome Superhero movies.

Toward the latter half of the 2000’s and into the 2010’s Marvel started rolling out great movies that all lead to the instant hit that came out last weekend.

The 5 “prequels” to The Avengers, are all worth watching and all very entertaining, but here is how I would rank them:

1. Iron Man (2008): Robert Downey Jr is perfect as Tony Stark and the movie just worked. It was funny and entertaining and really got the ball rolling for success of the rest of the prequels to come.

2. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011): I think a lot of people may disagree, but I really liked this movie. I think Chris Evans does a great job and so do the supporting actors like Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones. Also, he is just so endearing and couldn’t be cocky if he tried, and you need that contrast once he is around Thor and Iron Man.

3. Thor (2011): I just saw this one recently, and really enjoyed it. Obviously it introduces us to Loki and takes us away from Earth. The scenes in Asgard are well done and interesting. Natalie Portman was adorably smitten with Thor as he tries to behave himself in the human world, but I didn’t like it as well as I thought I would.

4. Iron Man 2 (2010): This movie basically was a bridge to The Avengers but it was not quite up to par with the first movie about the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.

5. The Incredible Hulk (2008): I think this one ranks last for me just because it didn’t really leave a lasting impression. The Hulk is a great character and after seeing The Avengers I think he is about to gain a lot of new fans.

So that’s how they stack up for me, how about you?


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