Song Association

If you haven’t seen American Psycho and don’t like spoilers of any kind…then thanks for coming to my blog, but you will want to leave now.

As much as I love a good movie score, I love when songs are used so well in a movie that you forever associate them with a scene or character. I don’t mean songs written for the film, like “My Heart Will Go On”, or “Danger Zone”. I mean songs that are chosen because of a character’s personality, or because of what is occurring on screen. The song adds to the story in one way or another. It may even be kind of twisted, like the example I am about to give. In American Psycho (2000) Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) may be a psychopath, but he also loves music, specifically pop music. He casually asks Paul Allen (Jared Leto) if he likes Huey Lewis and the News, turns on “Hip to be Square”, and then proceeds to violently kill him with an ax while chatting about the band.

That song will come on in a department store and I can’t help but think about that scene. What songs do you always associate with a film?


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