“Wait, I don’t get it”


source: http://www.studiocanalcollection.com/system/attachments/products/19/cover_en/large_SCC_MULHOLLAND_DRIVE_2D_BR_I-1.jpg

In my cognitive psych class in college we watched Mulholland Drive (2001). I was warned by those who had already seen it that I might not fully “get it” the first time I saw it, and to be completely honest…I didn’t. I literally thought about it for 2 days, and when the class met again, and we discussed the film it hit me. I understood what I watched, and I couldn’t stop talking about it. I wanted other people to watch it so we could talk about it and pick apart each scene. This is one of the first times a film really fascinated me. It made me want to be a part of it all. I wanted to design sets, write scripts, and produce films. So anytime I see a movie that disappoints me, or is just plan bad, I think about Mulholland Drive. I think about films that inspire me to create. So even though it might be frustrating, or just annoying, I hope you watch movies that confuse you from time to time. You might discover something incredible if you just give it some time.

Happy Movie watching, and thanks for stopping by.


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