Okay let’s get down to business….

This time I swear…..I am going to start regularly blogging about what I love. Movies. TV.Music. The title is kind of self explanatory, ciné, it’s French, short for cinéma. Maybe some reviews, or just thoughts on upcoming projects. Right now I would like to make a few recommendations for your weekend movie watching:

If you are headed to the theatre (and over the age of 17…) I suggest The Cabin in the Woods.


As the trailer says, “You think you know the story”. You definitely don’t. This isn’t your typical horror movie. Don’t look up spoilers or in depth reviews, just sit back and enjoy.

If you are going to rent a movie: The Kids are Alright

I guess you kind of are supposed to be over 17 again, but this Comedy/Drama is so interesting. Imagine you are turning 18 and can finally contact your sperm donor father but you are unsure if your homosexual parents will approve. This film was nominated for 4 Academy Awards and won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy. A very original and honest story. Oh and yes, that is Peeta Mellark.

Those are my recommendations for now, happy film watching!


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