My Opinion of the Artist: a Timeline

SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see The Artist and don’t want ANY of it spoiled for you stop reading, go somewhere else on the Internet, anywhere else.

Are they gone? Okay so if you are reading this you have either already seen The Artist, aren’t planning on it, or considering it and don’t mind knowing some minor plot details.

September 2011: I am unsure of exactly when I heard about the film, but it immediately sounded ridiculous to me.

November 2011: I vowed to see all the Best Picture nominees. My intentions were to be able to back up my disgust at The Academy by saying, “I saw everyone of those films and I think Drive was better than ALL of them.” Not the best reason to drop $8-$10 dollars for each film, but I digress.

December 2011- January 2012: My anger towards The Artist increased. A silent film? In 2012? I had seen a silent film before (Phantom of the Opera 1925), it was interesting, but the “Best”? No way. Drive was also snubbed from all but one category at the Oscars, I focused all my animosity on the little silent film that could.

February 2012: I was down to only 3 Best Picture nominees, so I bought myself the week 2 Best Picture Showcase ticket for AMC and begrudgingly headed to the theater one Saturday morning. Hugo was fantastic, Extremely Loud and Incredibly close was meh.

Saturday, Feb 25, 2012 7:15pm: The lights go down, it was time for The Artist, I smirked, I will find something wrong with this film, and the opening credits roll.

40 mins later: I smile. A silent film star places a glass on a table, and it makes a sound. So does his chair, and his dog, and yet he is unable to speak. This short segment told the whole story. A nightmare in which his talent became useless in world newly obsessed with talkies. Year by year he becomes less relevant. While this is occurring a rising talkie star stays hopelessly in love with him.

Saturday, Feb 25, 2012  9:00pm: I am applauding with the rest of the audience. It was just a good movie, and it was well executed. It wasn’t overly dramatic or over done, its silent and black and white, how could it be?

Sunday, Feb 26, 2012: I am happy. Each winner from The Artist seemed humble and happy. They weren’t the overly artsy types who are almost to creative to function. They made a movie celebrating the way movies used to be made, and I was too quick to judge.

So call me pretentious, call me a movie snob, I don’t care, and if that silly dog doesn’t make you smile then you are soulless.


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